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(Father Dabney, Identity Dixie) – I’ve been wrestling with how to respond to the latest disgraceful act perpetrated upon our people. How to react to this lustful rage and act of revenge upon our ancestors by a brood of unbridled malcontents put in charge of this work of art, this testament to true beauty, forged in bronze, and meant to stand into eternity, is challenging for a native Southerner. The last cavalier upon his gallant horse, the irreplaceable statue of General Robert E. Lee, was one of the great masterpieces of Dixie. It was monument, to a man of honor and integrity, that proudly stood in the once great city of Charlottesville, Virginia.

I was going to write a poem of fire and pungency, and still may, but one of our writers has already penned a fine emotional response, and I dare not take away from its prominence on these pages.

Therefore, I shall address the insanity of a system, a government that allows for the destruction of such an iconic representation of all that is good and true. He was not just a Southern soldier, but one of the finest cadets to ever graduate from the United States Military Academy. Lee was offered the command of the United States Army, but for the love of his people, his home, and his nation (Virginia), he rejected the glory of such a position.

To what end can we live within a system that is willing to forfeit the memory of her native son in momentary pacification of a devilish mob, that will not for a flicker…

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