The Lincoln Myth as Fact?

(Brion McClanahan)

The political left is the single most destructive force in the history of the West.

It’s not even close.

But they would be powerless without certain myths that give their positions the supposed moral high ground.

Most of this involves “emotivism.”

Equity, equality, fairness, justice, rights, etc. are all based on an emotional concept of moral righteousness.

In some cases, this is justified, like when someone steals your stuff, you want justice.

In other instances, this revolves around a supposed “injustice” than the pain of Confederate monuments.

In the United States, these emotional issues would not be possible without the Lincoln Myth, the idea that the Great Emancipator, the Republican Party, and a bunch of Yankee do-gooders swooped in and saved the United States from moral evil.

Their moral self-righteousness is based on a false understanding…

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