The Looming #NationalDivorce 2.0

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The great American crackup: Roe’s reversal would speed America’s race to disunion

Doom and Gloom. All Roe all the time. On MOTHER"S DAY weekend. How’s that for irony? – CPW
(NY Daily News) Last week’s leak of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft ruling overturning Roe v. Wade has upended American politics. Pro-choice protesters are rallying in towns and cities across the country while anti-abortion activists cheer the imminent consummation of their decades-long crusade. For American women — really, for all of us — the experience of living in this country is about to radically change.
But more, a reversal of Roe will be a landmark event in American history. Indeed, it could place these not-so-United States squarely on the road to disunion…Read the rest at the NY Daily News