The Next Target After Trump Is … You

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The Establishment Is Out For Blood!

(John Zmirak, The Stream) – What will it mean if Donald Trump gets sentenced to prison? Or if he is even declared ineligible for office, as some lawyers linked to the conservative Federalist Society are trying (for murky reasons) to prove?

Let’s try to step back and think about these things in a coolly disinterested fashion, like Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Or like some foreign historian looking back at our present history from the distance of 500 years.

With Donald Trump’s mugshot out there floating and his bitter enemies gloating, I’m not sure that Vulcan detachment is possible. For the moment, I don’t think it’s crucial or even possible to convince two groups of people to adopt this detached perspective:

a. Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters, and those of us who find his prosecution absolutely chilling — an unprecedented escalation of totalitarian tactics on the part of our intolerant, irresponsible, and mediocre elites. Or:
b. Donald Trump’s most fanatical enemies, who see him as a Frankenstein monster cobbled together from the hatreds and wish-fulfillment fantasies of religious fanatics, embittered racists, and resentful economic “losers” whose industries deserve to disappear (such as coal-miners and religion teachers).

An Appeal to the Squishy Center

No, the questions I’m posing today are for a different group, the people on the…

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