The U.S. Department of Injustice

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Stepping through the door of the U.S. Capitol building is not an act of terrorism.

(Patriot Post) Here’s a factoid that should be known by anyone who has been glued to the 24 hours of television coverage of the January 6 hearings — but perhaps not: In the past few months, two J6 defendants have committed suicide.
No great loss, you might think — just part of the foul mob (“white supremacists and others,” per Attorney General Merrick Garland) that 18 months ago nearly destroyed our democracy.
But not so fast. I didn’t know either of them personally, but these two seem to have been a lot like you or me — middle-aged loyal Americans whose primary offense was setting foot in the Capitol building on 1/6/21. Neither was charged with harming anyone, stealing or damaging anything, arson or looting, or discharging or even carrying a firearm.
No matter: By DOJ proclamation and policy, they were “domestic terrorists.” They were among the 882 (as of today) arrested, charged, and indicted for some combination of January 6 crimes including “parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building,” “civil disorder,” or “obstructing or intending to obstruct an official procedure.” Some of the 882 have also been charged with carrying “lethal or dangerous weapons,” such as a flagpole (with a U.S. flag or a Trump banner), a walking stick (for the older folk), or pepper spray — pretty weak weaponry for overthrowing a government…Read the rest