The USSA Government Needs to Be Dismantled – #NationalDivorce #TEXIT

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(Scott Lazarowitz, Activist Post) Recent events in the news are further proof that the regime in Washington needs to be dismantled, governance needs to be decentralized, and a restoration of freedom needs to happen.

The latest: there’s a document regarding an FBI whistleblower who claims that Biden took a bribe as vice president in exchange for a policy change in favor of whoever the bribe maker (or foreign regime) was.

The document is non-classified, but FBI director Chris Wray would not give Rep. James Comer the requested document, claiming that the informant could be killed in retaliation (killed? by the FBI?). But, threatened with a contempt of CONgress charge, in an about-face now it seems Wray will give them the document.

But to distract the public from the Biden bribery document controversy, now the DOJ has indicted Donald Trump for Trump’s mishandling of classified information, that Trump claims he as president had legally declassified.

Another Trump indictment? Eight years ago Trump said “Drain the Swamp,” and the apparatchiks of the swamp have been after him ever since. And now Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been saying the…

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