They Just Can’t Quit in St. Landry Parrish

(It’s like those stupid casinos that we turned down over and over. They never quit so we can never quit either – DD)

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St. Landry Finance Committee to form committee to discuss repurposing courthouse Confederate monument

(The Advocate) – St. Landry Parish Finance Committee made a small movement on what to do with the Confederate statue in front of the courthouse.

The committee voted and passed to form a committee to take feedback and discuss plans to repurpose the Confederate monument. The parish council voted in April 2022 to remove the statue but has since been marred in confusion over ownership and wary of the cost of removal. The 2022 vote to remove the statue passed 10-3.

The timeline for the creation, what the committee will look like, and its first meeting were not discussed during Wednesday’s meeting.

“The only problem I have with this is that council took action over a year and a half ago,” Chairman Jerry Red said, “St. Landry Parish is a large parish. We have some people that may want to keep the statue and some people want it removed.”

Council member Timmy Lejeune created the motion to form the committee that will be headed by council member Midred Thierry and consists of six people. Lejeune stated he wishes to see to monument turn into a St. Landry Parish veterans memorial for all military veterans but is open to citizens’ suggestions.

“If they want to reface it, deface it, add a plaque to it, leave the pelican standing on top of it. We can have that discussion…

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