This Journey is Deadly!

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In Video, Border Patrol Warns Illegal Migrants: ‘This Journey Is Deadly’

(Daily Signal) Rows of unmarked graves are visible behind Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason Owens as he makes a plea to anyone seeking to cross the southern border to come to America illegally.
“Don’t risk it,” Owens says in a short video with Spanish subtitles posted on the Facebook page of the Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector over the weekend. “This journey is deadly, it’s dangerous, it can cost you your life.”
Owens oversees the Del Rio sector, a stretch of 53,063 square miles in Texas, including 47 counties and 245 miles along the Rio Grande. It is one of nine such Border Patrol sectors adjacent to the U.S.-Mexico border.
The men, women, and children who cross illegally into the Del Rio sector often …Read the rest