TNM Statement on Impeachment Proceedings Against Attorney General Ken Paxton

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(TNM) As President of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), I stand compelled to voice our concern and strong condemnation of the impeachment proceedings initiated by the Texas House against Attorney General Ken Paxton.

This impeachment act is a flagrant violation of due process. The concerns raised in the impeachment articles are under judicial consideration or have already been addressed by our justice system. It’s deeply troubling to witness the Texas House and the General Investigating Committee seek to bypass this judicial process in what appears to be a politically motivated maneuver.

Attorney General Ken Paxton was elected by the people of Texas to be their defender against Federal overreach in accordance with Article 1, Section 2 of the Texas Constitution. His office has remained resolute on the frontlines of our state’s critical issues, addressing the border crisis, ensuring election integrity, and defending our state’s rights, even as the Texas House has lagged in these areas. This impeachment move, seemingly born out of personal and political vendetta, undermines the very essence of our Constitutional provision and disrespects the will of the Texans who elected him into office.

This scenario becomes even more concerning when …

Statement on Impeachment Proceedings Against Attorney General Ken Paxton