Total Weaponization of Government and the obama Legacy

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(Frontpage Mag) – Recently when doing interviews to promote Obama’s True Legacy, I was asked to define what that was. One of its core characteristics was the total militarization and weaponization of the federal government.

The Biden administration exemplifies the next phase of this. Take this speech by HHS boss Xavier Becerra.

‘Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said Monday that his department is going on the offensive on gay and transgender rights.

Becerra opened the department’s first-ever Pride Summit to discuss LGBT health issues with the statement that America should be “expecting much more” from his department and that there was the “need to move faster.”

“This game of defense can get tiring. We want offense,” Becerra said. “Let’s play on the offensive and let’s grow.”’

It doesn’t occur to anyone involved that HHS shouldn’t be run as an activist organization or that the entire fed gov shouldn’t be Planned Parenthood or HRC. As bad as the Clintons were, they never considered this level of total warfare. From Obama onward, it’s become routine.

When Becerra speaks of going on the offense…

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