Towns 100+ Miles Away From The Border ‘Overwhelmed’ With Illegal Aliens

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(The Daily Wire) Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) said in an interview over the weekend that the illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border is set to get significantly worse as the Biden administration is letting the Title 42 emergency order expire.

Gonzales, whose congressional district is on the U.S.-Mexico border, appeared on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” with host Margaret Brennan on Sunday to discuss what the border would look like once the emergency order expires.

“Homeland Security is looking at 10,000 people per day potentially crossing the border,” Brennan said. “Do the agents you represent have what they need to deal with the surge?”

“They do not, Margaret,” Gonzales responded. “And this is honestly the fourth time that we’ve seen this Title 42 is going to end and every time we come to this situation before the crisis is this uptick in illegal immigration and we’re seeing…

Border Congressman: Towns 100+ Miles Away From The Border ‘Overwhelmed’ With Illegal Aliens | The Daily Wire