Trans Movement Being Fomented by Russia, China as a ‘Guerilla Movement’ to Disrupt U.S.

(If you apply Occam’s Razor to the current situation in Amerika you get more than just a close shave. It is no secret that foreign influences financed much of the environmental mania that deprived us of affordable energy and wrecked the economy in two short years. Why should the current epidemic of moral depravity be any different? – DD)

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(Freedom First Network) Russia and China have teamed up to use U.S. civil liberties such as free speech and expression against Americans to destabilize the country from within, according to a new analysis, and the transgender movement is one aspect of that plan.

Recent incidents including train derailments, attacks on power substations, laser pointing at aircraft, firebombing pro-life pregnancy centers, a communist-inspired Antifa attack on a police facility in Atlanta, and the shooting carried out by a transgender individual at a Christian school, have raised concerns about increasing violence and extremism across various parts of society, notes Cliff Kincaid of News With Views.

“Some of the above might be accidents or the work of deranged individuals. But you would have to be naïve to rule out the involvement of subversives determined to undermine public safety and security,” he noted. “You do not have to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to consider that there might be something sinister happening behind the scenes.”

“On the other hand, stories about the ‘search for a motive’ in the mass murder at the Christian school demonstrate the clueless nature of our media on these shocking events,” Kincaid added.

It is becoming increasingly evident that foreign ideologies…

Trans Movement Being Fomented by Russia, China as a ‘Guerilla Movement’ to Disrupt U.S. – Freedom First Network