Tyranny Is Tyranny, No Matter What It’s Called

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(The Liberty Belle) I recently had the privilege of interviewing a gentleman, Winston Liu, who escaped from Communist China, lives in the U.S. and now fervently fights for liberty here. I’ve run into him at different events and wanted to hear his story and he wanted to tell it. I will be publishing a piece detailing the full interview soon, but it’s important to set the stage with today’s article.
One of the things that struck me about Mr. Liu was his fervency and his love for America. He’s been blessed with much here in America and he knows it. Even more important though was his deep insight into what it means to be a slave to government. He understands tyranny in a way that I cannot, because he’s lived it. Because of his experience, he has a different sense for tyranny than many of us in America have. He knows the signs.
So, before I write up his interview for y’all to read, I want to first set the stage Read the rest at the Liberty Belle