Unauthorized use of funds? Jacksonville FL councilmember seeks clarity regarding recent removal of Confederate monument

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(Action Jax News) Nearly three years after the Confederate statue in James Weldon Johnson Park was taken down, the obelisk on which it stood was also removed.

Now, city leaders are attempting to find out where the money came from to remove the obelisk last month.

The obelisk had been the subject of much controversy in recent years, but City Council never explicitly authorized its removal.

In a council committee, Monday, Councilmember Al Ferraro (R-District 2) questioned how the plan was greenlit and paid for.

“I’ve checked with some of the state reps to where I haven’t been able to find out where the money came from,” said Ferraro.

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Charles Moreland didn’t provide an answer and instead deferred to Jacksonville’s Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes, who was no longer present at the meeting.

“So, let me do exactly what I just mentioned to Councilman Ferraro to provide the right information through Mr. Hughes related to his conversation with the committee,” said Moreland.

“Okay, well. Looked like a tap dance, but…

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