Using Courts to Kill Election Integrity

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Dems Use Courts to Kill Election Integrity
A judge in Florida threw out three recently passed election integrity laws dubiously citing a Civil Rights era provision.
(Patriot Post) The Democrat Party has long used underhanded tactics in order to expand its political power. Democrats eschew a level playing field, where those presenting the best ideas and most persuasive arguments win. They shun this fair system because they recognize that many of their policy proposals fail to hold up against logically consistent observations or constitutional scrutiny. The modern Democrat Party has been almost completely taken over by the radical Left, which means Democrats know they can’t win a fair fight against Republicans.
On issue after issue, the Democrats find themselves on the opposite side of the majority of the American public. Yet rather than admitting this or changing anything, they defame and smear their political opponents, often disingenuously characterizing Republicans as “racists” or “bigots” or “sexists” or “extremists….

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