Usual Suspects ButtHurt About Arkansas’s I-30 Battleflag Memorial

(It’s not even up yet and the whining is so intense, they’ll run right to a different county’s tyrannical Chancery Court to seek an injunction from the same clown world jurists that have ruled some Arkansas constitutional amendments unconstitutional… – DD)

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HSC (Hot Spring County) Democrats Oppose Plans to Erect a Huge Confederate Flag

(Malvern Daily Record) – Efforts to raise a Confederate flag in Rockport at the Malvern exit on the Freeway is a threat to the future of our city and county—and will have a detrimental effect on the future economic development of our area. The HSC Democratic Committee calls upon all relevant governmental agencies to take whatever actions are necessary to prevent the erecting of this symbol of the Confederacy and its handmaiden, human slavery.

We reject claims that the flag, the rebel battle flag, is a symbol of state’s rights, or Southern pride. In 2015 Dylann Roof, killed nine black worshipers in South Carolina, demonstrating that the flag is indeed a symbol—but it is a symbol of hatred, deep and visceral hatred, hatred based on racism.

The Confederate forces which murdered surrendered black soldiers (TOTAL DEBUNKED LIE) at the battles of Poison Springs and Marks Mill in south Arkansas carried aloft the Confederate battle flag. After the Civil War..

That’s all this leftist neo-hippie drivel I’m going to excerpt. You get the idea… -DD

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