Vicksburg didn’t celebrate the Fourth Of July for nearly a century

(And nobody but the Canker of Commerce cared to ‘celebrate’ the city’s humiliation – DD)

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(Vicksburg News) – The Fourth of July is a cherished holiday that resonates deeply with Americans as a day of national pride and unity. It is a time when we come together with friends and family to commemorate the triumphs and sacrifices that have shaped the foundation of our great nation. As we gather for barbecues, fireworks, and parades, we not only celebrate the birth of our independence but also reflect upon the ideals and values that continue to define us as a people. There was a period of time though, fairly recently, that the citizens of Vicksburg did not celebrate this iconic holiday.

To understand why they did not celebrate the fourth requires some context. Vicksburg was a unique place in the Old South. While agriculture was the predominate industry in the surrounding area, the Mississippi River brought a wide variety of commerce to the City which made way for a much more diverse group of people and cultures. This also meant that there was a constant flow and differing philosophical and political ideas coming and going, and this variety of ideas were even encouraged by the locals. This is evidenced by the fact that Vicksburg had a growing number of literary clubs, theaters, and lectures halls, each whom had a focus of bringing new talent to the waterfront. While the majority of the Old South hadn’t made much of a shift since their pre-Revolutionary days, Vicksburg had been going through a renaissance period just before…

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