VMI: Sure, They’d Accept Arlington Monument, But Then They’ll HIDE It!

(Just as VMI has accepted Lee’s Tomb and Traveller’s Grave??? They concealed Lee and cancelled Traveller. This is supposed to make it all better I guess? – DD)

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VMI board votes to accept Confederate Memorial from Arlington National Cemetery

The state military college’s board of visitors voted unanimously to accept Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s request to house the statue at its Civil War museum at New Market.

(Cardinal News) – A Confederate monument slated for removal from Arlington National Cemetery will be placed at a Civil War site owned by Virginia Military Institute.

The state military college’s board of visitors voted unanimously Wednesday to accept the memorial as the federal government works to jettison all elements of Confederate history from its property — a task that ranges from removing monuments to renaming military bases.

The Confederate Memorial, unveiled in 1914, will be moved to the Virginia Museum of the Civil War at New Market Battlefield State Historical Park. The site, about 77 miles from VMI’s campus in Lexington, is where 257 cadets were involved in the battle of New Market in May 1864.

For years, VMI commemorated the battle and the 10 cadets who died there by hosting an annual New Market Day parade. In 2021, it was renamed the Memorial Parade to honor all alumni who died in battle.

The monument was designed by Moses Ezekiel, the first Jewish cadet to attend VMI. He fought with the Confederates at…

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