Welcome to Clown World! Peaceful Oath Keeper Gets 18 Years Jail, Man Who Shot Pro-Lifer Gets Community Service

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(PJ Media) The world is upside down. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who was unarmed, peaceful, and never entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was just sentenced to 18 years in prison for “seditious conspiracy.” Meanwhile, soft-on-crime Democrats continue to reduce prison sentences and penalties for violent criminals — and a man who shot a pro-lifer received nothing but community service.

Fox 28 reported on May 23 that 75-year-old Richard Harvey, who “pleaded no contest to shooting an 84-year-old woman” campaigning for the pro-life cause, received a very light sentence indeed. Harvey has to complete 100 hours of community service, “a suspended jail sentence of two months and a delayed sentence of one year on probation.” Just imagine if Joan Jacobson had been a BLM protestor or a pro-abortion activist instead of a pro-lifer. Would Harvey, like Stewart Rhodes, be facing jail time?

Fox News reported in February, “According to the Major Cities Chiefs Association’s 2022 crime report, homicides have increased by 41% in Chicago, 45% in Philadelphia, and 236% in Portland since 2019.” Fox added, “In Washington, D.C., just this year, sexual abuse is up 100%, motor vehicle theft is up 111%, and homicides have increased by 18%. But, just weeks ago, even despite the liberal mayor’s veto, the Washington, D.C. City Council approved legislation to slash prison sentences for the worst offenders, eliminate penalties for a slew of violent crimes, and release scores of dangerous criminals…

Peaceful Oath Keeper Gets 18 Years Jail, Man Who Shot Pro-Lifer Gets Community Service