We’re All Domestic Terrorists Now

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How Election Deniers Became Domestic Terrorists

(NOQ Report) Democrats and RINOs have been using J6 and the 2020 election as a cudgel for a long time now. “Election deniers!” they cry. Just the other day, the Washington Post wrote that “ Election deniers increasingly dominate the Republican Party—and could soon gain unprecedented power over the nation’s democratic system… It’s a nationwide problem! ” If opinions were the extent of the issue, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As many of you know, the Biden administration and their buddies in the media and Big Tech have been carefully crafting a narrative that connects election deniers to the idea that they may pose a national security threat, possibly even domestic terrorists. To be fair, elections are one of CISA’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors, which, if threatened, could pose a national security threat. Therefore, to want to protect elections is a reasonable goal. Many of the endeavors to safeguard the security of elections are solid. However, that is not what I am discussing here.
UncoverDC has written extensively on how the Biden administration has weaponized its DOJ, DHS, Intelligence Agencies,…Read the rest