What Americans Must Do to Stop the Great Reset

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(NOQ Report) There was a very good article posted online earlier this year titled “11 things you can do to help stop the great reset”. The article was posted to a website that should be getting greater following these days, StoppingSocialism.com. The article was written by Justin Haskins, editor-in-chief of StoppingSocialism.com, a New York Times bestselling author, and the director of the Socialism Research Center at The Heartland Institute.
His article has been weighing heavy on my mind as it is time for our political leaders and American patriots to go even further than his list of 11 offered. In brief, his list included what most Americans can do right now:

  1. Live Not by Lies
  2. Buy Local
  3. Bank Local
  4. Support Local Farms
  5. Be Vocal
  6. Run for Local Government…

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