Where Much Of Our National Problem Began–Abraham Lincoln And The GOP

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(Al Benson, Revised History) – Most Americans today, thanks to unrelenting propaganda from the left, as well as misguided assumptions from the right, are almost persuaded that Abraham Lincoln ought to be part of the Holy Trinity. They just haven’t decided which member of the Trinity they want removed so He can be replaced with “Honest Abe.”

Left out of all this hagiography, there is a dark side to Lincoln and the early Republican Party that is unspoken about, especially in our day. Republicans claim to be conservative, and many are conservative and genuinely patriotic. However, it has not always been so. The first Republican presidential candidate, John C. Fremont, the “pathfinder” of popular legend, was a socialist personality who surrounded himself with socialist cohorts. Arthur R. Thompson, in his book “To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments” described Fremont as “one who was right at home with radicals.” History books seldom, if ever, mention this. When Fremont was a general during the War of Northern Aggression aka the Civil War, he had several Forty-Eighter socialists on his staff. By the same token, most history books neglect to note the socialist mindset of the second presidential candidate of the Republican Party, the “Honest Abe” of political fable.

Not many realize that Lincoln was the first president to have a communist as part of his administration. I am referring to Charles A. Dana, a member of the Proudhonian Club, a group nicknamed “The Forty-Eighters of America”, which was a group that had taken part in the 1848-49 socialist/communist revolts in Europe. Dana had written that the Forty-Eighter revolts in Europe were not only to change the form of governments there but rather to “change the form of society.” Dana spent time with Karl Marx while in Europe, supposedly covering the war for socialist Horace Greeley’s newspaper. Dana, during the War of Northern Aggression, served as Assistant Secretary of War under Edwin M. Stanton. Thus he became the first communist to serve in…

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