Whipping Up an anti-Southern Frenzy in Jessamine Co. Kentucky

(Same crowd you always see. When they get around to their direct action display there will be plenty of out-of-state license plates there to create the illusion of mass support. Count on it. – DD)

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Jessamine County faith leaders renew effort to relocate Confederate statue

(FOX 56) — American history has moments to celebrate and others that remind us of a darker time. There is a renewed focus on a statue in Jessamine County honoring Confederate soldiers.

The movement to move the statue is being led by several Jessamine County faith leaders. They want it taken off the courthouse grounds and relocated to a cemetery where some of those soldiers are buried. It’s not the first attempt to do something about the monument, but they’re hoping this time they can make a difference.

“It’s intimidating, it’s demeaning,” Rev. Moses Radford told FOX 56.

In 2020, the killing of George Floyd sparked a national conversation about race in America. That conversation also started between a diverse group of faith leaders, black and white, led by Radford.

“Those statues were put up to remind black folk that they were inferior,” he said. “By them joining in and saying, ‘Hey, I see your pain, I hear your cry,’ that makes the difference.”

Just blocks away from his church, the statue honoring the cause of the Confederacy has stood since 1896. Radford said attempt after attempt to make a change, some dating back 40 years and the latest coming in the form of a petition in 2020, have gone nowhere. But last month…

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