Why Creating A New Society Requires Wrecking The Old Society

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(Matt Walsh, Daily Wire) It used to be that when someone made a statement, then made another statement that implied something completely different, we had a name for that. We called it a contradiction. And it wasn’t considered a good thing. Not too long ago, contradictions could end political careers in this country. When Tim Murphy said publicly that he was pro-life, but then privately told a woman to kill her baby, he had to resign from Congress. Al Franken met the same fate, after he bought into the #MeToo hysteria, then fell into its crosshairs himself.

But a lot’s changed in the few years since Tim Murphy and Al Franken were forced out of Congress. All of a sudden, contradictions are everywhere, particularly in the political world. The only way to ensure world peace is to fund a war, foreign policy experts tell us. We’re a sanctuary city or state, but we don’t want any more illegal migrants, say Gavin Newsom and Eric Adams. Men can turn into women, gender studies professors shriek. Euthanasia is healthcare, the Canadian government insists. All of these statements are contradictions, but you’re hearing them all the time now.

In revolutionary periods, this is nothing new. Mao even wrote an essay entitled “On Contradiction” a century ago. Mao understood well that contradiction drives social change. Maybe the most important…

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