Why Do Americans Support Secession? #NationalDivorce #TEXIT

(I love these National Divorce and Secession Articles. The maps that I DO NOT DRAW create endless comments and arguments on the interwebs where people accuse me of leaving this or that place out… – DD)

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(Brion McClanahan) – According to recent polling, about 20 percent of Americans support secession. It is higher in some areas like Texas and the South, but even among Democrats, support for secession has increased in the last several years.

The establishment can’t figure out why.

The Washington Post recently published a piece trying to figure it out.

They backed into the answer, but were still confused as to why secession is gaining steam.

The Left supports it because they can’t control people in other States. In other words, the political Puritan is worried that people in red States wont do their bidding.

Conservatives support secession because they don’t want to be governed by the blue State freaks.

At the end of the day, the real problem is American abandonment of federalism.

If we had real federalism, people in California could live in their own little socialist Utopia while those in Alabama would be free to from San Francisco third worldism.

The trick is getting leftists to willing give up the dream of controlling everyone else.

It’s also convincing Lincolnian “conservatives” that secession isn’t treason nor is it illegal.

And the answer may not ultimately be individual State secession, but perhaps regionalism or a greater…

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