Why do war monuments need “further” context than just being a war monument?

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Virginia’s guidance on context on war monuments: a slow crawl on rethinking remaining images celebrating the Lost Cause

(Roanoke Times) Caught in the slow cogs of Virginia government are guidelines for adding context to war monuments, with experts and officials doubtful of approval anytime soon, even after more than two years in the making.
Once on the fast-track for approval, guidelines about adding context onto public memorials for war veterans are now taking the longer route toward completion, while localities sit by awaiting the guidance, said Stephanie Williams, deputy director for Virginia Department of Historic Resources.
“It just ends up taking a while sometimes,” Williams said. “We did get a number of objections, so we had to forego the fast-track process and enter into the standard regulatory process.”
Guidelines for contextualizing war monuments are now in the second of three review rounds, she said. State offices reviewing the regulations include the attorney general, department of planning and budget, secretary of natural and historic resources, and the governor…
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