Why Don’t Americans Want to Join the Military?

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(Brion McClanahan) – Young Americans are refusing the join the military. In fact, for several years in a row, the military has fallen short of its recruitment goals.

The question is why.

Newsweek provided some answers, and surprisingly, were generally spot on.

But they missed the larger picture. We take it for granted that the United States needs a standing army over nearly 1 million men and women.

The United States spend more money on the military than the next ten countries combined.

It has become a huge industry and it makes people like Nimrata Haley rich. It also provides jobs, which is why Republicans keep the money flowing into their districts. Of course, it’s been this way since St. Abraham’s war on the South. He had to pay people just to fill out the Union ranks for much of the war.

In other words, it’s just another version of government welfare, only you could die to receive it, particularly when the United States has boots on the ground in 178 countries. That’s over 150,000 soldiers in over 750 foreign bases, and this doesn’t count off the books activity like…

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