Trying to Woke the Dead! Descendants decry use of UCV crosses at historic Von Ormy cemetery (TX)

(You’re a real badass if you want to cancel dead people. I’m sure their ancestors would be Texas Proud… – DD)

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(An Antonio Express News) – The people who tend a small historical cemetery in Von Ormy in southwest Bexar County clearly aren’t used to criticism or controversy.

This even as they allow the Alamo City Guards Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to erect a statue to the Tejano Confederate Soldier — and as the same group erects Confederate crosses on the graves of soldiers who fought for the Confederacy.

When that’s the story and the history involved, criticism and controversy are sure to follow.

It’s pitting some descendants of San Antonio’s founding families against the board of the Ruiz-Herrera Cemetery Association, which works to preserve the site.

Members of both will gather at the cemetery at 2 p.m. Sunday for a regularly planned All Souls’ Day observance in honor of their ancestors.

But they’ll all gather for an association board meeting to discuss the placement of those Confederate crosses and potentially vote on whether to keep or remove them.

The crosses tell their own story.

Each depicts the Confederate battle flag surrounded by a laurel…

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