Woke: the language of tyrants

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Even autocrats and terrorists now sound like whiney SJWs.

(Julie Burchill, SPIKED) It’s annoying when one’s words are parroted by people clearly inferior to oneself. With my talent for turning a phrase, this has happened to me a few times. Watching Tony Blair snivelling about the ‘People’s Princess’ (mine) or Owen Jones sniggering about ‘cry-bullies’ (mine again) it’s not a pleasant experience to see one’s pearls spewed by swine. But if one believes in absolute freedom of speech – as I do – it must be borne with Stoic cheer, recalling the old saw ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.
The woke have also ruined a few words that I didn’t invent but have enjoyed using. ‘Community’ once brought to mind street parties and singing, whereas now it means someone getting offended on behalf of others. While ‘activism’ – once meaning getting out and organising people – now means sitting at home swearing at people on the internet. But even more amusing is when woke-speak is used by actual tyrants and totalitarians…Read the Rest