Wray Lied! FBI Had Churches Under Surveillance and Embedded Agents Across the Country!

(Why isn’t this a ‘national’ outrage? If traditional Catholics are radicals can you imagine what the government-supremacists think about Baptists? Assembly of God? Pentecostals? The feds have shredded the constitution and are not the secret political police. Hello Stasi. Hello gestapo. The feds are now looking over the shoulder of the man in the pulpit, something that hasn’t been policy since reconstruction – DD)

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HORRIFIC REVELATION: FBI Lied About Multi-State Task Force Targeting Christians

(ACLJ) – House Republicans reportedly have further proof exposing the Deep State FBI’s targeting of “radical traditionalist” Christians. If you remember, the ACLJ filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) lawsuit over the FBI’s 11-page, single-spaced memo that labels Christians as “potential domestic terrorists,” and we reported how the FBI even planted undercover agents inside churches to keep tabs on what congregations are discussing and what’s being taught from pulpits…

The FBI Planted Undercover Agents Inside Churches

So the memo wasn’t just a “single product by a single field office” from Richmond, Virginia, as FBI Director Christopher Wray stated in sworn testimony before Congress. A rogue FBI field office didn’t randomly start targeting Christians. Rather, a multi-jurisdiction and national coast-to-coast task-force by the FBI was initiated. In fact, the Los Angeles FBI field office had churches under surveillance for a while. This hearkens back to the Tea Party targeting scandal during the Obama-Biden regime. At first, a rogue office was labeled the culprit, but then the truth came out that a coordinated effort involving multiple offices targeted Tea Party members.

What was the motivation behind this religious targeting? The Deep State doesn’t like pro-life views due to an “increase in hostility toward abortion-rights activists on social media sites in the run-up to and aftermath of the . . . decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.” Also, the memo labels these conservative Christians as “racially or ethnically motivated extremists” part of the “far-right white nationalist movement.”

In other words, if you believe that a human life is in the womb, you are an enemy of the state…

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