Yellow Journalism, Trump, and a Manufactured Conspiracy

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(Liberty Nation) Beginning in 2016, Americans were and continue to be exposed to the full and formidable force of a new kind of yellow journalism. One could also describe it as influence journalism. It’s not really the same thing as propaganda, which comes directly from a political party or regime seeking to indoctrinate the masses with certain beliefs and ideas. That’s not to say that establishment media outlets in the US today do not peddle government propaganda, but yellow journalism is quite different. On Sunday, Feb. 12, a famed Washington, DC, newspaper with strong ties to the political left presented a masterclass in a modern version of yellow journalism that deserves careful analysis. Why? Because the story in question perfectly exposes – though unwittingly so – the truly insidious nature of news articles explicitly written to influence how Americans view certain events or individuals with the goal of affecting elections in one direction or another. Some may argue the legacy media has been at this kind of thing for a long time but the renewed vigor of such journalism since the advent of Donald Trump cannot be ignored.

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Yellow Journalism, Trump, and a Manufactured Conspiracy – Liberty Nation