Your Saturday Southern Music Break – The Real Dr. Hook

Whenever you think of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show you immediately thing of the late Ray Sawyer from Chickasaw, Alabama. Ray donned his trademark eye patch after a car wreck took his eye in 1967. That look is what inspired the band’s name. Ray was also responsible for most of the on-stage shenanigans that made Dr. Hook such a great act, so much in fact that many people believed that he was the ‘real’ Dr. Hook. Ray was a percussionist and usually a back-up singer, but but took the lead on the band’s breakout hit. Ironically, the song was intended as a tongue-in-cheek jab at their treatment by the music industry, but quickly sailed up the charts to #6 in the US and made them plenty of money.

Here’s Ray and the rest of Dr. Hook from Wien, Austria in June of 1974 with the song that finally landed them on ‘The Cover of the Rolling Stone,”

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