Corporate Woke-ism and its war on You

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The Corporate Culture War Against America
Corporations need to signal moral virtue, not “woke” virtue.

(American Conservative) In the 1980s, Republicans hitched their wagon to the runaway express train of free enterprise and the free market. They claimed that so long as the engineer manning the controls wasn’t sporting a government-issued ID, they were agnostic as to the train’s ultimate destination. Today we are living with the consequences of that disastrous choice. The destination, it turned out, was the Woke People’s Republic, a land in which traditional culture is perpetually under siege, the West’s greatest aesthetic landmarks lie leveled, the pornification of every aspect of society is proceeding apace, and religion is an obstacle on the road to a still more glorious promised land, the paradise of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”
Nor was any of this just an unfortunate result of a wrong turn, a detour from the straight and narrow path. Fearing—just as our corporate overlords wanted—the specter of government regulation, we forgot that freedom entails not only the exercise of rights but also of responsibilities. Markets without morals are but the pursuit of filthy lucre, and the filth grows as the lucre accrues, leading to the place in which we find ourselves today: a vicious circle in which more and more moral restraints fall away as our train hits the high-speed rail leading into the ravine.
“Despotism may be able to do without faith, but freedom cannot….Read the rest