End of the Leftist Echo Chamber? End of Censorship?

(Libtards are in meltdown mode over the latest rumors that Elon Musk might end their viewpoint monopoly online. They fear nothing more than free exchange of ideas and opinions because they can’t compete on a level field. Maybe Musk can breathe new life into the blue check wasteland – DD)
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Media worries as Elon Musk closes deal to buy Twitter: ‘Be afraid, be actually afraid’
NBC News reporter Ben Collins suggested the purchase could affect the 2022 midterm elections

(FOX) Members of the media renewed their anger against billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk on Tuesday after reports showed him closing his deal to officially buy Twitter.
Fox Business reported Twitter intended to close the deal for Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the social media company at $54.20 per share, the original offer Musk made in April. Shares from Twitter stock quickly soared after the announcement which also received approval from Twitter shareholders.
Reporters and journalists, however, expressed doubts and even fears about Musk’s purchase.
NBC News reporter Ben Collins notably penned a lengthy Twitter thread describing how Musk’s Twitter purchase could affect the 2022 midterm elections…Read the rest