State Bill Will Send Political Enemies to Psych Wards. Could Go Federal!

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America is rapidly becoming a full-blown authoritarian state.

(Kurt Nimmo) I’m thankful I don’t live in Washington State.

If Attorney General Bob Ferguson has his way, any resident of Washington perceived to be “anti-government” may be arrested, fined, imprisoned, or sent to a psychiatric ward as a “domestic terrorist.”

“Ferguson requested the introduction of HB 1333 to curb the potential of domestic terrorism by allowing for the prosecution of some people’s words and speech, rather than for actual acts of violence they commit,” News Radio 560 KPQ reports.

There is a possibility this proposed law may eventually become federal legislation, considering the frenzied clamor by the “left” side of the uniparty to destroy the natural right to free speech we are all born with, never mind the First Amendment (it is for all practical purposes a dead letter, little more than a museum piece).

Of course, it depends on what uniparty faction falls between the crosshairs. The New York Times, for instance, says zilch about the WA bill. However, a likewise effort in…

WA State Bill Will Send Political Enemies to Psych Wards