How diversity statements have become A New Loyalty Oath that the Left Suddenly Approves of

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(Washington Examiner) The proliferation of diversity, equity, and inclusion statements by universities across the country in faculty hiring is raising alarm bells among free speech advocates who say the practice is nothing short of an ideological litmus test.

A recent report from the Goldwater Institute found that 80% of job postings for Arizona’s public universities required applicants to submit a statement detailing their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The findings built on a 2021 report from the American Enterprise Institute that revealed at least 20% of faculty positions required a diversity statement, which the authors estimated was likely an undercount.

Gabriel Nadales, the national director of Our America and a former antifa activist, told the Washington Examiner that such statements, while they are nominally intended to help achieve inclusion and diversity, often have the opposite effect.

“Not only do DEI statements create different standards according to students’ racial categories, which is gross on its own because it is the exact opposite of inclusiveness, but the statements also demand…

How diversity statements have become faculty litmus tests at US colleges