Misinformation, Censorship and Propaganda in History

(Charles Landis, Shore Daily News) “If liberty means anything, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear… ” -George Orwell

There is much  said about misinformation, censorship, and propaganda. This, however, has been part of the public discourse since the founding. The most corrupt and dishonest misinformation has been the received narrative about the Civil War and the Confederacy. Victors write the history, but, to paraphrase President Washington, truth will ultimately prevail  when brought to light. The received narrative asserts that the War between the states was all about slavery, it was necessary because Southern states unconstitutionally and illegitimately seceded from the Union, and it began with South Carolina firing the first shot at Fort Sumpter at Charleston Harbor.

When one considers the great loss of blood and treasure, as well the enduring legacies for  race relations and the leviathan governance in the imperial city (Washington), it is long past time to address the myths. The enduring questions are: How did Lincoln, elected with only 39% of popular vote and none in the Southern states, assume the powers of a constitutional dictator and  irrevocably  change the Constitution by force? when Lincoln and Jefferson Davis had the same  white supremist views and the only distinction was Davis thought the negro had to be held in bondage and Lincoln believed negroes could not live with whites and must be deported? How did we “progress” from Lincoln establishing the income tax to an IRS collection  agency larger than the Pentagon? To answer these and many other questions it is necessary to…

Misinformation, Censorship and Propaganda in History – Shore Daily News