Peeling the Rotten Dark Money Onion Behind Misinformation Warfare

Clinton Global Initiative
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An enormous money machine is at work to crush dissent.

(Liberty Nation News) If you still harbor any doubts that the term misinformation is nothing but a loaded partisan phrase meant to demonize opposition to the ruling progressive establishment agenda, dive into the dark money rabbit hole of a firm called Arabella Advisors.

“Arabella Advisors, run by former Bill Clinton official Eric Kessler, manages certain administrative, legal and philanthropic functions of several non-profits including the Sixteen Thirty Fund, Hopewell Fund, North Fund and New Venture Fund,” The Daily Caller noted in an exhaustive Dec. 26 report, “which donate to a variety of left-leaning groups, causes and Democratic candidates, according to tax filings and statements on the funds’ and Arabella’s websites.”
“Several funds within the network are also sponsoring research into the effects of, and how best to mitigate, misinformation and disinformation, according to a review of public grants.”
Money Makes the Misinformation Labels…

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