Resident biden Has No Defense for Disregard of #FreeSpeech

(Like there could ever be an excuse for censorship of everyday  American’s speech. We’re not talking about national security issues here. We’re talking about the censorship of constitutional protected opinions, healthcare information, and knowledge citizens desperately needed prior to the last election. – DD)

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Biden reveals he’s got no defense for his censorship campaign

(New York Post) – On Monday, President Joe Biden played his cards. He’s all bluff, no aces.

Biden is the defendant in a lawsuit that accuses him and his team of, in federal District Court Judge Terry Doughty’s words, “the most massive attack against free speech in the United States.”

Yet the appeal Biden filed Monday is devoid of even one convincing argument in his own defense.

Count on the appeal to go nowhere. Biden’s been caught red-handed violating the Constitution.

On July 4, Doughty announced that the evidence produced so far indicates the president is operating a vast, illegal censorship scheme to muzzle his critics.

Doughty knows tyranny when he sees it: He’s got the goods on the Biden administration, and he laid out his evidence in 155 pages, all meticulously footnoted.

Biden, numerous White House staff and employees of 11 federal agencies are being sued for operating a whole-of-government censorship operation to prevent you — the public — from seeing…

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