Sen. Tuberville: Free Speech, Unless You Disagree

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(Breitbart) Freedom of speech is one of the great cornerstones of American democracy.

This liberty coveted across the globe didn’t come by accident — our Founding Fathers knew, from personal experience, the dangers of censorship and suppression. There’s a reason freedom of speech is the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—at the very top of the Bill of Rights. The Founders created a framework to purposefully prevent tyranny by protecting speech in America’s newly-formed government. The value they placed on freedom of religion, speech, and the press is undeniable.

But these well-designed privileges are not universally respected. In a 2020 survey, more than 60 percent of students said they believe free speech is limited on their college campus. This limits students’ exposure to various viewpoints and ideas that empower our nation’s future leaders to become independent thinkers. Our students should be taught how to think — not what to think. Freedom of debate and ideas is the left’s worst nightmare because they believe in a bigger government that uses controlled speech to control actions. And they are working to eliminate dissenting views from the conversation.

We are seeing instances play out in every sector where speech is free unless you disagree with the radical left. Big Tech…

Exclusive—Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Free Speech, Unless You Disagree