Some will be more equal than others

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Biden’s Racist ‘Equity’ Agenda Is All Around Us
The executive departments are so addicted to bad ideology that it has made them useless to provide positive change.

(You might say it has us surrounded – DD)

(Patriot Post) Vice President Kamala Harris recently said, “Equity as a concept says recognize that everyone has the same capacity, but in order for them to have equal opportunity to reach that capacity, well, we must pay attention to this issue of equity.” Aside from constantly playing the Dogberry to Joe Biden’s Verges — these Shakespearean characters are perhaps the most ridiculous being marked for trying to sound more intelligent than they actually are — this promotion of equity on the grounds of everyone having the same capacity is patently false. And yet there’s an insistence from this administration that in order to even the playing field for everyone — especially the historically oppressed — equity must be a priority in every agenda.
The infrastructure spending bill (you know, the one that is partially fueling our current inflation woes) allocated money to fixing roads and highways. But Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tried to manipulate the spending on highways to undergird the equity agenda. Equity-specific inclusions that are written into the bill include stuff like increasing the number of female truck drivers and allowing prisoners and inmates more access to the Internet.
Buttigieg is one of the main executive department heads who pushes the equity agenda. He has put forward…Read the rest