The Dangerous Global Trend Of Criminalizing Free Expression Online

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(Daily Wire) – Elon Musk has famously offered to take up the costs of anyone who suffers professional losses for what they like or post on Twitter. Now, we need him to turn his attention to those suffering criminal charges at the hands of government for the same. This month has been rife with oppressive signs that Twitter is far from a safe space for the right to free expression.

On August 9th, Mexico’s highest court for electoral issues issued a final conviction in the case of former congressman Rodrigo Iván Cortés. The court upheld a guilty verdict for “gender-based political violence” for Cortés’ assertion, on Twitter and Facebook, that a transgender-identifying congressional representative is a “man who self-ascribes as a woman.” The charges were levied after the representative sued on the basis of “denial of identity.”

For stating the truth of biological reality, Cortés has been walloped with draconian reparations measures, including…

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