The Propaganda Matrix

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How monopolized media and the algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet keep humanity brainwashed and enslaved.

(Blacklisted News) The most powerful weapon on the planet is control of perception and it is a “binary weapon” made up of hundreds of companies, government agencies and organizations that give the population their information to create and control their “culture.”
Cult-ure is the dominant belief system, and the root word might as well be cult, which is why police/ judges/ bailiffs/ sheriffs/prosecutors/prison guards and “soul-diers” and other “order followers” can’t be reasoned with.

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Plato tells this story in his Allegory of the Cave, where prisoners were chained facing the wall of a deep cave. Behind the prisoners was a walkway, and behind the walkway, was a fire. Puppeteers crossed the walkway holding objects that cast shadows on the wall. The “shadow play” became the prisoner’s life, and even when one prisoner escaped to see the reality of the world, he could not explain that reality to his former friends because…

The Propaganda Matrix