They’re Not Even Hiding It Anymore: Facebook Puts CIA Insider as Head of Election Policies

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Facebook Trusts Former CIA Analyst To Manage Election Policies

(The Free Thought Project) – Meta recently appointed Aaron Berman, an ex-CIA agent, to take charge of its Elections Policies. Berman, who previously led the misinformation team at the company during the 2020 elections, now occupies a prominent position with extensive oversight over elections-related content across the globe.

The move is part of the revolving door between the intelligence community and social media platforms.

Aaron Berman boasts a career that spans nearly two decades with the CIA, from March 2002 to July 2019, Breitbart reported. During his tenure, he wielded significant influence, assuming various roles including editing and writing for the President’s Daily Brief – a high-profile classified document prepared every morning for the President of the United States by the intelligence community. Besides this, he supervised numerous analysts and managed multimillion-dollar budgets. His wide-ranging duties also encompassed…

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