Thought Crime? Google ‘prebunking’ initiative builds on Feds’ anti-populism efforts

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Google and State Department use “inoculation theory” to extend “precrime” to thoughts, former State official says.

(Just the News) After experimenting on Americans and Eastern Europeans last year, Google is expanding a program to “inoculate” YouTube users against purported misinformation and disinformation to Europe’s largest economy and the world’s soon-to-be biggest country.

The Alphabet-owned company gave the Associated Press a preview of its “prebunking” initiative’s expansion into Germany, which will focus on the ease of presenting photos and videos as “evidence of something false,” ahead of next week’s Munich Security Conference. India will follow at an unspecified date.

Google’s only direct announcement appears to be on its German policy blog, which mentions COVID, climate change, war and migration as popular targets of disinformation. Continuing the German theme, philanthropist Bill Gates called for artificial intelligence to combat “conspiracy theories” and “political polarization” on a German podcast last week.

The search giant is not the only Big Tech firm working on prebunking…

‘Minority Report’? Google ‘prebunking’ initiative builds on feds’ anti-populism internet games | Just The News