UNC Spying on Students using Artificial Intelligence

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UNC schools used AI program to surveil students’ social media accounts

(Carolina Journal) A recently published years-long investigation by the Dallas Morning News has revealed that many colleges and universities throughout the country used or have been using Artificial Intelligence to monitor students’ social media and email accounts.
The investigation by DMN, in conjunction with the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, revealed that many colleges and universities utilize an AI technology company called Social Sentinel to monitor students’ speech in social media forums and in some cases, their email accounts. According to the report, at least 37 colleges have used Social Sentinel over the past 7 years.
Social Sentinel was founded in 2011. The technology was acquired in 2020 by Navigate360, LLC, a private company headquartered in Ohio.
“I first came across Social Sentinel when I was an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill…Read the rest