Unpopular Truths Still Need to Be Told

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Tell the people what is honestly believed to be true. Disregard votes. Pay no attention to popularity. ‘To thine own self be true.’”

— Leonard E. Read, Pattern for Revolt (1948)

(Dan Sanchez, Fee) When a truth needs to be told, tell it.

Is it an unpleasant truth? Tell it anyway. People-pleasing and people-helping are often at odds.

Is it an unpopular opinion? Express it anyway, assuming it is your honest opinion and your urge to offer it comes from a good place.

And pay no heed to self- or government-appointed arbiters of “correct” opinion. Respect for expert opinion is to be earned, not mandated.

Have the courage of your convictions. Do not be intimidated by crowds or crowns. Do not let masses or masters cow you into silence or submission to errors and lies.

Make the truth your primary allegiance. If you side with the truth, you automatically win the moral victory and your conscience will grant peace of mind as your reward.

Moreover, with truth on your side you gain a powerful advantage in any contest of ideas, one that can help you prevail even against the direst odds: when you seem hopelessly outnumbered and the game is rigged…

Unpopular Truths Need to Be Told – Foundation for Economic Education