What is the Global Disinformation Index?

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(David McGrogan, Activist Post) n a previous article, I described how raison d’État – the doctrine by which the State acts in its own interests and ignores constraints of law or natural right – frequently comes in a benevolent guise. Segments of the population are conceived of as vulnerable, and the State exerts a ‘power of care’ to improve their well-being. This ultimately serves the purpose of securing their loyalty in the absence of a theological justification for ruling.

I then went on to describe how raison du monde – the doctrine by which ‘global governance’ regimes act in their own interests and ignore constraints of law or natural right – also frequently comes in a benevolent guise, for precisely the same reasons. In the absence of other justifications for the existence of such regimes that would secure their position, they frequently present themselves as acting to solve ‘global problems’ in need of ‘global solutions.’ This often requires problems to be framed as being impossible for one country acting on its own to solve for itself.

The principal difference between the State and global governance regimes in this regard is hence the target audience. Machiavelli’s raison d’État was self-consciously based on the need to make sure the population remained loyal, because a big danger facing a ruler in early modernity was revolt. This imperative became much stronger as…

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