Zucked Up! Free Speech for About Five Minutes

(Did you expect this libtard echo chamber to be any different than Fakebook? – DD)

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Zuck’s Threads Already Throwing the Ban Hammer Around

(PJ Media) – As The Who said, “Meet the new boss/same as the old boss.” Or in this case, meet the old boss/same as the old boss. Meta’s Threads has barely left the launch pad and has wasted no time in censoring views with which Zuckerberg and his fellow moguls and hangers-on disagree. That should come as no surprise to anyone since the shrieking harridans and soy toys of the Left were triggered by the new version of Twitter.

At first, they thought they would roost on Mammoth. But that platform proved to be unwieldy, unnavigable, and a harbor for some extremely objectionable material. So when Meta unveiled its new safe space/echo chamber last week, the news media and progressives (but I repeat myself) were positively giddy.

It is impossible to be startled by the fact that Zuck & Co. have been swift when it comes to casting dissenting opinions and those who express them into the outer darkness. I doubt any of the unfortunate few are wailing and gnashing their teeth. They are probably shrugging their shoulders and saying…

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