31 Years After Ruby Ridge, The FBI Is Still Killing Americans With Impunity

(Accountability from government-supremacists? Nah. But just you injure one of them, even by accident… – DD)

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(Eric Striker, UNZ Review) – It’s been 31 years since the beginning of the FBI’s murderous siege on the home of the Weaver family. The deadly incident prompted enough outrage to spur Congressional hearings, protests from across the political spectrum, several dramatized TV portrayals and a promise from the FBI and Department of Justice that they would revise the reckless tactics used at Ruby Ridge to avoid future tragedies (this was six months before the Waco massacre).

Fast forward to 2023, and the only difference in relation to federal law enforcement behavior is the disappearance of journalists and politicians willing to demand accountability from the FBI.

As Republicans and Democrats waste time and political capital focusing on how the FBI treats Donald Trump or Hunter Biden, four men in the last three weeks have been shot to death by the FBI, three of them in questionable pre-dawn raids. Two of the men were white and right-wing, one was an Arab, and another was a black suspected for a string of robberies.

In a typical FBI related raid leading up to a shooting, federal agents make painstaking efforts to destroy any visible cameras on a targeted property, seldom wear body cameras, and refuse to inform family members why they felt they had to shoot their loved one or what they were suspected of. In some cases, the FBI will even refuse to confirm their involvement in…

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